DJ Beauty

She is one of the 20 DJ's who became official artists who passed so-called "Musical Control Z'06" for the cult post-soviet Republic Kazantip festival. Signed on Sendrecords label.

 On June, 13th 2006 she took pary in "Jeans DJ Parade" in Dniepropetrovsk, nominated as "Discovery of the Year", and played her victory set in during the finals, in the same venue with Mylo in Kyiv. In the new season (September, 2006) she started her own Kiss FM (pan-Ukrainian dance radio) radio show called "Beautiful Night". The concept and the name of the show was changed to "Bigudi" in September 2007. At the same time, she started to host her new project - "Elevator to the Heaven".

 She started cooperating with Ukraine's largest label - "Virus Production".

  In June 2007 she was the winner in "Break-through of the Year" nomination.   In July 2007 together with her husband - DJ Tapolsky, she became the official Republic of kazantip ambassador in Kyiv. In November 2007 she was the winner in Medoff Night Life Awards as he "Best DJ of Donetsk".

  In December 2007 she started her own album, awaiting birth of her child.

After just one year she already was in Top 10 Ukrainian DJ's.
After just one year she was hosting 2 pan-Ukrainian radio shows.
After just one year she already was an official Kazantip artist.
After just one year she wins on Jeans DJ Parade.
Don't ask her about her age; as every girl, she won't answer.But as a   DJ she would say - I am just 1 year old, but during this year, a lot of things already had happened...


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